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Clara rethinks

window design

Architects and builders wish to have modern windows that are large and transparent. They should let as much natural light into the room as possible, minimise heat loss in winter, be soundproofed and, extending beyond that, make life very difficult for burglars. Thanks to the evolution in window technology, thermal insulation, energy efficiency and sound insulation have long become standard features. Frost patterns and draughty windows are now fortunately a thing of the past. So far so good? That’s not good enough for us yet, so we deconstructed and re-designed the window at Clara.

Evolution is followed

by the revolution

How does every window become a panoramic window? How do we replace frames, mullions and sash bars that break up the view outside and reduce the incidence of light? How do we still manage to create a sturdy, airtight window with excellent rigidity? The answer was as sophisticated as it was simple, and an absolute innovation: Clara is the world’s first frameless window with a casement made entirely of glass. The filigree, simple design perfectly complements contemporary architecture, fills rooms with more natural light and offers almost unlimited freedom of design. Clara, the window with a view. Made in Switzerland.


Get to know

Clara windows!

You want to replace your old windows or are looking for new windows for your home or your commercial property? Then you are best advised to arrange a non-binding appointment with us or one of our partners. You will be delighted by the clarity, transparency, elegance and energy performance of the Clara windows, and that’s a promise.

Clara windows

are 6 times more convincing


The continuous glass surface of a Clara window allows the boundaries between inside and outside to merge.


The unique conception of the windows with frameless casements allows up to 15 % more natural light to enter the room.


Every Clara window is a unique item that adapts perfectly to people’s personal preferences in terms of interior design and architectural style.


Clara windows are ideal for energy-oriented refurbishment, due to the fact they obviously meet the Minergie standard and passive house standard.


Clara windows create cosy rooms with the maximum comfort factor, provide excellent sound insulation and are easy to clean.


Clara windows are made of tempered glass and can be levered out only with difficulty thanks to the continuous glass surface and concealed fittings.


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Are you looking for new windows, would you like to replace your old windows or are you planning the energy-oriented refurbishment of your building? In that case you should get to know Clara windows. The elegance of the windows with frameless casements made entirely of glass will delight you! Of course, all the Clara windows meet the Minergie Standard. We are happy to advise you and completely without any obligation for you in our showroom.

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Welcome to Reinach. Experience in our new showroom CLARA, the world's first window with a frameless casement completely made of glass and manufactured in Switzerland. Its elegant and refined design gives you limitless creativity freedom. On this occasion, you may also like to take a look at our workshop.
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