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Clara windows let in up to 15%
additional natural light

Clara is the first all-glass window with a hidden vent. Manufactured in Switzerland by a subsidiary of AGC Glass Europe, our windows offer you:

– Panoramic views and more natural lighting thanks to its fully glazed surface
– High energy and acoustic performance, as well as increased security against break-ins
– A modern and flat design allowing great ease of maintenance

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per square metre

Filling the rooms with natural daylight and being connected with the outside environment – home owners and architects share these wishes. The window frame accounts for up to 35 % of the surface area of classic wooden windows, plastic windows or aluminium composite windows consist, and this unfortunately also reduces the incidence of light. This is where Clara windows come into play: The unique design of the frameless sash allows up to 15 % more light to flow into the building and thus also increases solar gains.

The green light
for high levels of energy efficiency

Outstanding heat insulation

Thanks to insulating glass, thermal insulation, innovative glass coatings and warm edge spacers, a modern window has thermal insulation properties that are essentially better than its predecessors in the mid-1990s. Technological progress thus means that fans of large, floor-to-ceiling window fronts, have much cause for celebration, as they now also have the green light from an energy point of view. In winter they help to reduce heating costs and in summer cooling costs.

Perfect for energy-oriented refurbishment

The trend towards extensive panoramic windows can be easily accommodated with passive house and plus-energy designs, as Clara windows impressively demonstrate. They can meet all the Minergie standards and are ideal for the energy-oriented refurbishment of building envelopes. Depending on the window design, Clara windows achieve the best values of 0,75 Uw for the heat transfer value and 0,5 Ug for the windows or glazing. (Certificates can be seen on

Every Clara window is a unique item

unique design

The elegant, continuous glass surface of a Clara window allows the boundaries between inside and outside to merge because the casements are flush, constructed without steps and edges. Functional components such as the frame, the locking mechanism, fittings or seals are subtly concealed behind narrow, surrounding enamel strips.

(Almost) boundless
design freedom

Every Clara window is a unique item that adapts perfectly to people’s personal preferences in terms of interior design and architectural style. The entire RAL colour palette is available for the design of the frame construction as well as the enamel edges inside and out. The window handles are of course freely selectable.

Living comfort
with safety benefits

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Clara windows are a prime example of what modern windows can contribute towards our feelings of personal comfort. The outstanding thermal insulation value of 0.75 W/m²K guarantees cosier rooms with a maximum feel-good factor. The innovative frame design on the inside also ensures excellent sound insulation. Window cleaning also becomes child’s play due to the fact the window frames and casements are aligned with one another. No corners and edges, no window seal in which dirt can accumulate.

Intérieur design cosy
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A Clara window can be levered out only with difficulty thanks to the continuous glass surface and concealed fittings. Moreover, they are made of specially hardened glass panes.

In addition to their elegant appearance and optimum thermal insulation properties, you also benefit from a window that offers outstanding burglary protection.

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Are you looking for new windows, would you like to replace your old windows or are you planning the energy-oriented refurbishment of your building? In that case you should get to know Clara windows. The elegance of the windows with frameless casements made entirely of glass will delight you! Of course, all the Clara windows meet the Minergie Standard. We are happy to advise you and completely without any obligation for you in our showroom.

  • Switzerland & France : Duggingerstrasse 24, CH 4153 Reinach BL
  • Belgium : Industrielaan 1, BE – 8501 Heule (Kortrijk)

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