Clara: the first panoramic window with an entirely glass surface

Discover life without limits!

What are the parameters that transform a house into an exquisite home? Light, comfort, beauty, simplicity, protection and serenity. These are all life forces that enhance freedom, well-being and quality of life. So why accept limits?

Clara is a design revolution, the world’s first all-glass window with a completely smooth, flush surface. It blends seamlessly with contemporary architecture, floods rooms with unobstructed natural light and offers unlimited design flexibility.

Light without limits

In a conventional window design, a wooden, PVC or aluminium frame can account for 35% of the surface area, restricting the amount of natural light flowing into the building.

Thanks to their unique design, Clara panoramic windows allow up to 15% more daylight* into your home, creating a feeling of wellness, vitality and connection with nature. Clara offers a different perspective, looking to the future and the great outdoors! And all that extra solar energy comes with other benefits… naturally.

*Compared to a traditional window

Comfortable, energy-efficient buildings

With buildings generating a huge proportion of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions, we all have a responsibility to build and renovate sustainably.

Clara panoramic windows combine the unparalleled beauty of panoramic and floor-to-ceiling windows with outstanding thermal insulation (Uw values between 0.75 and 0.94, depending on your chosen design). Now you can enjoy expansive, uninterrupted views along with a comfortable indoor temperature and reduced heating and cooling costs.

Clara also provides extremely effective sound insulation (38 to 41 dB), making your home or office a haven of serenity. Sound good?

Unlimited design freedom

Clara panoramic windows combine the transparency and openness of a glass façade with all the benefits of a tilt-and-turn or pivoting window. You can choose between single and multi-leaf designs without compromising on comfort, as multi-leaf Clara windows have no mullions to obstruct daylight and views. Surfaces are smooth and elegant with no steps or edges between the casement and pane. Locking mechanisms, fittings and seals are invisible and concealed behind narrow enamel surrounds. With nothing to obstruct your view, The boundaries between indoors and outdoors merge beautifully, creating a subtle yet stunning effect.

Clara is available in two versions, Uno (for an elegant and sophisticated look with a flush interior) and Duo (with a dynamic and modern design, flush on both sides to blend with the exterior façade as well). The frame and enamel edges can be made in any colour and handles can be selected from an extensive range. Your style is unique. So is your Clara.

Living comfort,
with safety benefits

Beauty with simplicity

Clara panoramic windows are designed to retain their sleek, elegant appearance with the minimum of effort. Cleaning couldn’t be easier. All the components are aligned for a perfectly smooth surface and there are no corners, edges or seals to trap dirt and dust. Just wipe, relax and enjoy the view.

Safe and secure

Clara panoramic windows are made from tough tempered glass, providing excellent protection against break-ins as well as driving wind and rain. The continuous glass surface and concealed fittings mean that they can only be levered out with extreme effort, making life very difficult for burglars.

Choose your Clara

Whether you’re designing your dream home, investing in a second property or planning a refurbishment project, there is a Clara window to suit your needs.

Clara Uno is an elegant and sophisticated window with hidden vents and perfectly flush on the inside. It is a unique solution for buildings combining a modern interior design with more traditional architecture.

Clara Duo is a dynamic and modern window, flush on both the inside and the outside. It integrates perfectly into contemporary interiors and modern architecture.

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Are you looking for new windows, would you like to replace your old windows or are you planning the energy-oriented refurbishment of your building? In that case you should get to know Clara windows. The elegance of the windows with frameless casements made entirely of glass will delight you! Of course, all the Clara windows meet the Minergie Standard. We are happy to advise you and completely without any obligation for you in our showroom.

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