AluK, a global player in the design, development and distribution of aluminium (sliding) window and door systems, and AGC, a leading global producer of flat glass and represented by AGC Glass Europe, sign a cooperation agreement and develop ‘Clara by AluK’. The world’s first aluminium window with an all-glass sash.

Clara by AluK’ consists of a frameless sash, which is made of 100% glass, and a minimalist aluminium frame that lies in the same plane. The razor-thin, unique design is the perfect complement for modern architecture, has excellent energy and acoustic performance, lets in more natural light, offers unlimited design possibilities and provides increased security.

Wafer-thin design with exceptional insulation

The elegant, continuous glass surface of a Clara window blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. Functional components such as fittings and seals are concealed by elegant enamelled glass.

In addition, Clara windows are extremely energy-efficient, since they comply with the passive house standard (with a Uw value of 1.17 W/m²K*).

Exclusive partnership

As part of this agreement, AluK will receive exclusivity in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands for the development and design of aluminium window frames for the ‘Clara’ window. Clara by AluK’ will be added to AluK’s current portfolio of high quality windows and will be marketed through a network of partners.

For AluK, the Clara window sash is the opportunity to update its product range with a unique product that responds to customer demand for modern comfort.

Pierre Schneider, Project Manager Clara: “Our collaboration with AluK means a new step forward for Clara. By working together with AluK, we are offering our customers an additional opportunity to personalise their Clara windows. In addition to the design freedom offered by the Clara windows, architects now also have the opportunity to choose the material of the frame: aluminium, wood or both!”.

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