Modern sliding patio doors

Maximum covered area, profiles reduced to a minimum.

  • Flat door sill for easy accessibility and a modern look
  • Sliding system with “soft close” lifting for an effortless handling
  • Design minimalist, modern and clean
  • Exceptional energy performance

Clara lift & sliding door: a sliding door with a flat full glass surface, effortless handling.

Our sliding doors consist of a continuous glass surface. Both casements are designed flush with one another, without steps and edges.

Ditto for the floor thresholds giving this modern aspect to our glazing. Easy to handle thanks to our “soft & close” system, our patented systems benefit from the latest technical advances in glazing.

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    All-glass look for a minimalist architectural style?

    Clara windows and lift-and-slide doors capture people‘s emotions in a variety of ways: the elegant appearance, which adapts perfectly to personal preferences in terms of interior design and architectural style, the smooth surfaces that appeal to both the haptic and the visual senses, the intelligent window design that fascinates every technology enthusiast.

    With their flush glass frames and ultra-thin profiles, Clara windows and doors combine the transparency and openness of a glass facade with all the advantages of a modern sliding patio door.

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