Frameless sliding door

Clara lift & sliding door: a sliding door with a flat full glass surface, effortless handling.

Architects and lovers of timeless, sophisticated buildings will love Clara windows, the world’s first frameless windows with a casement made entirely of glass:

– The elegant and refined design perfectly complements contemporary architecture, fills rooms with light and offers almost unlimited freedom of design.
– The Clara lift-and-slide door with frameless fixed glazing seamlessly takes its place within this innovative window series.
– Continuous glass surfaces allow the boundaries between the interior and exterior to merge and let in up to 15% more light into the rooms.

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I don’t believe architecture has to speak too much. It should be silent and let nature speak in the guise of sunlight and the wind

– Tadao Ando


Panoramic window


Frameless sliding door


Clara Fenster

Clara Fenster is the world’s first frameless window with a casement made entirely of glass.

It fills rooms with light and offers almost unlimited design freedom.

The possible combinations are endless:

Clara Uno: an interior in masonry, design, contemporary, and an exterior in aluminum, wood, brick… A classic or minimalist integration, modern and filigree for maximum light gain.

Clara Duo: perfect integration to achieve the desired flatness inside the building or outside on the facade. Perfectly harmonizes with traditional architecture.

Clara lift-and-slide doors: a sliding leaf with a flat surface, an effortless handling. An easily opening and closing thanks to the comfortable SOFT CLOSE function.

which will enthral you

Clara windows and lift-and-slide doors capture people‘s emotions in a variety of ways: the elegant appearance, which adapts perfectly to personal preferences in terms of interior design and architectural style, the smooth surfaces that appeal to both the haptic and the visual senses, the intelligent window design that fascinates every technology enthusiast.

For all those people
who desire more

More design freedom:
You can choose from the entire RAL IGP color palette for the colors of the frame construction as well as the enamel edges inside and out.

More energy efficiency:
Outstanding thermal insulation value (Uw value) of 0.92 and Minergie standard thanks to triple glazing and innovative coatings.

A greater feeling of wellbeing:
A higher incidence of light means a greater feeling of well-being – this is the simple Clara wellness formula. An additional convenience benefit: easy cleaning, as the window frame and casements are on one level.

More security:
Thanks to the specially hardened glass panes and the anti-burglary locking mechanism, it is practically impossible to lever open the doors.

Living comfort,
with safety benefits

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Smooth and strong

Thanks to the innovative SOFT CLOSE function, it is a child’s play to open and close a large panoramic sliding door. SOFT CLOSE gently slow down the casement just before its final position, and then close it automatically.

It allows to minimize at the same time injury’s risk and the strengths acting on materials and buildings.

All the benefits:
• The door can be slid effortlessly
• Slow down and automatically closes the casement smoothly and safely
• Prevents malfunction and injuries, particularly among children
• No sudden slams or damage to the building
• A sophisticated design complied with a hidden mechanism

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Swivel hook:
Uncompromising, waterproof and secure

The swivel hook with integrated locking function guarantees first-class sealing and high resistance to burglary.

In the open state, it is perfectly flush with the surface, then slides smoothly and without wear in the frame part via shutter rollers and reduces the load on the gear.

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Continuous glass surface: Both casements are designed flush with one another, without steps and edges.

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Simple operation: Smooth closing mechanism and roller-mounted sliding sash make opening and closing the door child’s play.

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Functional components such as the locking mechanism, fittings or seals are elegantly concealed behind 80 mm narrow, surrounding enamel strips. Low thresholds provide the necessary levels of accessibility and prevent tripping hazards.

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Are you looking for new windows, would you like to replace your old windows or are you planning the energy-oriented refurbishment of your building? In that case you should get to know Clara windows. The elegance of the windows with frameless casements made entirely of glass will delight you! Of course, all the Clara windows meet the Minergie Standard. We are happy to advise you and completely without any obligation for you in our showroom.

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